Jordi Boggiano

Jordi Boggiano Co-Founder of Private Packagist – Dev at TeamupComposer lead – Wandering Belgian – Speaker

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Jordi Boggiano

I have been involved in web development since roughly 2000, working mostly with PHP and JavaScript, but I also dabbled in Go and Rust, and used to do ActionScript when it was still cool. Having delved deep into the realm of open source, I am currently maintaining Composer and Packagist, while earning a living working on Private Packagist and Teamup. I also do application architecture, performance and Symfony consulting gigs when the opportunity presents itself.

Open Source

Composer/Packagist - PHP Dependency Manager - Lead Developer
Symfony2 - PHP Web Framework and component library - Core Team Member
Monolog - Logger for PHP - Lead Developer
PHP Console - A tiny PHP testbed for trying snippets quickly in your browser
Slippy - HTML/JS Presentation Tool
Alice - Expressive fixtures generator

You can also check out my GitHub repositories or Packagist profile page for more.
If you would like to say thank you for the thousands of hours spent working on all this for free, I have an Amazon Wishlist.